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Chris Haines
Dental EFT & ERA Technology Specialist

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Digitalize Your Front Office Insurance Payment Systems

The team at Dental WebSmart Insurance Solutions works with  offices to establish effective digitalization insurance payment systems for better cash flow. We understand your need for new systems, new employees, and the benefits of knowing your clearinghouse and the services they provide.

  • Enhanced Cashflow Processes

Create Electronic Insurance Payment Systems to Receive Payment in 2-7 days

Dental WebSmart will help you with the EFT & ERA set up process in which all monies go directly to your bank account. Setting up a secure environment for receiving EFT payments is the most important feature to avoid the risk of embezzlement.

  • Improved Case Acceptance

Implement Real-Time Eligibility Verification Systems

We ensure a higher collection percentage and promote increasing your practices cash flow.

Some Practices We Work With

Chris Haines

Dental EFT & ERA Technology Specialist

Enhance Insurance Efficiency

Enhance Insurance Efficiency

We Boost Your Practices Cash Flow By Handling Insurance Efficiently

With insurance automated, your practice will be more efficient, boosting your cash flow.

Focused on Improving Your Cash Flow

With automated, digital insurance systems in place, you will have time to improve other areas of cash flow in your practice.

Creating Proprietary Insurance Processes

We are focused on creating a digital insurance system that fits your practice, perfectly.

“Our accounts receivables are 2-3 weeks of production rather than 2-3 months. It has allowed me more time for other responsibilities, and more cash flow for other needs.”

Dr. Aiken

Greenville, South Carolina

Our Resources: Insider Advice on How to Boost Your Practices Cash Flow

Let’s Make Things Happen

Our insurance flows very smoothly via the new electronic filing and payment techniques Chris has set up in my office, therefore receiving our payments even faster and improving cash flow.

Dr. Marino

Bishop, South Carolina

Chris Haines
Dental EFT & ERA Technology Specialist

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