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Chris Haines

EFT & Dental Insurance Expert
  • Knowing your clearinghouse and the services they offer to save money

  • Implement secure security systems to reduce the risk of embezzlement

  • Use digital technology to attach narratives, x-ray’s, perio charting to all claims

I ran into problems with one insurance company, and I hired her a second time to solve the issue. Chris is reliable, professional, responsive, and priced reasonably. I’d highly recommend hiring her services!

Dr. Koivisto

Hanover, Minnesota

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Are dental insurance carriers allowed to charge a fee for receiving an EFT payment?2023-07-23T17:36:11-04:00
  1. No, you should never be charged for receiving your money. Don’t be fooled by these companies out there that offer to enroll your practice for receiving EFT’s and then find out after that you get charged a 1.99% fee for every EFT deposit you receive from every insurance carrier they work with.
Is it costly to implement EFTs via ACH and does it require special equipment?2022-01-10T13:58:59-05:00

No, the only item required to receive EFT via ACH payments is a bank account.

What’s more, EFTs via ACH are more cost effective than many other forms of payment, including checks and virtual cards. Providers see an average savings of $3.04 for every claims check converted to an ACH payment.

When EFTs are used in combination with ERAs–which allows for automated reconciliation of EFT and ERA and automated posting–cost and time savings increase even more. Providers can save $7.21 per payment when they switch from checks and explanations of benefits to EFT and ERA.

Additionally, some health plans are offering virtual cards for claims payments instead of EFTs and believe that this complies with the standard. It does not. Providers have the option to say no to virtual cards, and all health plans must offer the healthcare EFT standard via ACH if it is requested.

How much will Dental WebSmart’s services cost?2022-01-10T14:00:02-05:00

The total cost for consulting, office set-up and training varies for each office based on their needs. For example, one office may only need help with online registration and would like training on improving efficiency, while another office may need a complete overhaul of their insurance filing system. If you would like a personalized estimate, please contact us and we’ll set up a free consultation.

I’ve heard about dental practices being embezzled. Does registering for EFT from insurance companies put my office at risk?2022-01-10T14:00:58-05:00

Actually, EFT is more secure and transfers are routed through approved banking channels in highly protected formats. All dental insurance companies and banks have to meet all privacy and security standards with password encrypted account entry. Be aware this is a federally mandated system.

Cash is the main target, but the theft of patient checks (personal and Insurance) is increasing dramatically.

Dental WebSmart will help you with the EFT & ERA set up process in which all monies go directly to your bank account. Setting up a secure environment for receiving EFT payments is the most important feature to avoid the risk of embezzlement.