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Remote services with EFT & ERA Technology Implementation.

  • Remote login,support & training for practices paying for Implementation
  • Advise on Insurance websites & set-up a system
  • Set-up EFT/ERA System
  • Consult on Electronic Claims Clearinghouse Service
  • Real-time eligibility verification system
  • Update insurance electronic payment code protocol Update electronic payer ID database
  • Set-up and advise on a secure system to reduce the risk of embezzlement.
  • If you can relate to any of these, then perhaps it’s time to improve cash flow so your staff will be able to better focus on getting more accurate estimates for your treatment plans, increasing production, and be able to schedule treatment while patient is in the office. In addition the rapport between your front office staff and the patients will improve since the stress of dealing with insurance companies and denials have been removed creating a much more trusting and friendly environment to conduct business.
  • Dental providers no longer can afford to rely on outdated processes and workflow models to serve and develop their patient bases, learn the importance of moving from a paper based payment system to an electronic based payment system with having the expertise of an EFT & ERA Technology specialist help implement these systems.
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    Virtual EFT  & ERA Training for practices struggling with the EFT payment system.

    Phone consult on EFT protocol for offices already set-up but, need guidance.

    The EFT Reconciliation Process
    1. Confirm End of Day report to the EFT deposits in the bank. 
    2. Identify EFT payments  posted to bank account and follow up on next day posting.
    3. Confirm that EFT Trace # posted to bank, matches  with  trace # on the ERA, & the amount matches what’s in the bank.
    4. Watch out for bank errors.
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    Support Services Package

    • Phone consultant on EFT protocol
    • Update on EFT system that was set-up 6 months from initial system put in place Training of a new staff member handling the insurance
    • Consult with practice CPA for accurate bookkeeping of EFT system
    • Set-up new EFT’s from insurance companies now offering this form of payment Training on Insurance company websites

    Please call us so we can guide you through the enrollment process at (800) 484-3415.  Or, you can fill out this form, email it to us at, or fax 805-484-3415 and we will get back to you shortly!

    Chris Haines

    Dental EFT & ERA Technology Specialist

    Enhance Insurance Efficiency

    Enhance Insurance Efficiency

    (800) 484-3415

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    Chris Haines is a wealth of knowledge. She has robust experience in running practices day to day and intimately knows the insurance reimbursement process. It is strongly recommended you reach out to her to find out how you can automate your insurance reimbursement cycle.”

    Andy Cleveland

    AR Ninja

    Chris Haines
    Dental EFT & ERA Technology Specialist
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